Immediately is the 85th Birthday of the iconic Pune – Mumbai Deccan Queen which had its first run on 01 June 1930.

It’s the one train on the Indian Railways to have never run on steam power.

Women's Security Camera Print Long Sleeve Tee ShirtFrom the beginning, the Deccan Queen has been run using electric locomotives.

On this occasion – let me delve into my creative writing archives and pull out this story I had written lengthy back – a Romance on the Deccan Queen

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Short Fiction – A Love Story

From my Creative Writing Archives:

Right here is considered one of my early items of brief fiction – a love story – abridged and revised.

I wrote this story round 10 years ago once i used to travel usually from Mumbai to Pune by the Deccan Queen.

Do inform me if you want this romance story narrated by a small lady, simply 12 years old…


Have you ever seen a handsome strapping young man studying a Mills & Boon Romance?

And that too so blatantly in entrance of so many people in a crowded railway compartment?

I did.

On the Deccan Queen.

Yes, on the Deccan Queen – my favorite train that takes you from Mumbai to Pune each evening.

And back from Pune to Mumbai in the morning.

Let me tell you about it.

But first I’ll inform you about myself.

My name is Priya.

I am twelve years previous and I’m a pretty woman.

I love train journeys and I have travelled a lot, particularly on the Mumbai Pune route.

But this was the primary time I was travelling alone.

So my loving father was very very anxious and fearful.

My father was anxious as a result of he dotes on me – since I’m the one thing he has in this world.

My father had come to see me off at Mumbai magnificent CST Railway Terminus.

He appeared uneasy and stored on saying the identical issues many times, riya, take care. Don get down at any station. It only a 3-hour journey. She’s going to come to pick you up at Pune. I have advised her your coach and seat quantity. And I’ve told this uncle here to look after you. /p>

タncle was a young man of about twenty-5 on the seat next to mine.

He was very handsome, properly-groomed, smartly dressed in a mild blue T-shirt and trendy Denims. 25…?

Possibly barely older – but actually not 30…!

He had a smart elegant beard.

It was a correct properly-saved full-grown beard, not the repulsive dirty-wanting horrible two-day designer stubble young men sport these days.

These younger lotharios think that the filthy hideous stubble on their face seems fashionable.

However let me let you know it looks sick and makes me really feel like puking.

However this man had a gorgeous beard – it suited his face perfectly and made him look very handsome and manly.

on you fear, sir, the younger man said to my father, he will be delivered safe and sound. /p>

The younger man gave me a friendly smile.

I appreciated him and felt happy to have him as a companion.

And of course, I had the window seat in case he turned out to be a bore.

Now my father was talking to the prepare-conductor, most likely telling him the identical issues to look after me and all that.

I felt embarrassed however I did not say something for I knew my father beloved me very much and genuinely cared for me.

In spite of everything, as I informed you, we have no one else in this world besides each other – I’ve him – and he has me.

I felt anxious about my father too.

That why when he kissed me on the cheek just before the practice started, I whispered in his ear, apa, don drink an excessive amount of. /p>

I knew how much he hated to be lonely.

And now I wouldn be there to look after him, to take care of him, to mother him!

The prepare moved.

I checked out my watch.

Ten minutes past 5.

Proper on the dot.

Quickly the mighty Deccan Queen was rushing in the direction of Pune.

We could be there by dinner-time.

I checked out Πncle – just a sideways look.

But he didn’t discover me as he had already buried himself in the pages of the Mumbai Mid-Day newspaper.

I took out my iPod from my bag, adjusted the earphones in my ears and looked at him once more.

He was nonetheless buried in his newspaper, completely oblivious of the world round him.

I pressed my earphones tighter and tried to listen to the music from my iPod, pretended to ignore him, made pretence of making an attempt to look out of the tinted-glass window of the air-conditioned chair automobile.

However my eyes saved wandering, trying to steal a look at him when I thought he would not discover, however secretly hoping he would discover me and say something, discuss to me.

However he remained glued to his newspaper as if I simply did not exist!

How mean and snobbish?

It appeared he had no manners!

I hated him and decided to disregard him.

After a while the young man subsequent to me folded his newspaper and saved it within the rack in entrance of him.

Then he pulled out his bag from below his seat, opened the zip, took out a ebook from his bag and kept it on his knees in front of him.

It was a コills & Boon romance!

I smiled to myself.

This young man seemed to be fairly an interesting character.

Younger males of their twenties don read Mills & Boon.

Or do they?

You tell me.

Anyway, he opened the Mills & Boon and started reading intently.

I know it is dangerous manners to disturb someone who’s reading, however I was so curious to know extra about him that I simply couldn’t resist.

I shut the iPod, pulled earphones out of my ears, and mentioned, 窏ello, uncle. I Priya. /h2>

h yes! I do know. Priya. Age 12. /p>

窏ow I asked stunned.

read the reservation chart, he mentioned.

罚o. No. Papa should have instructed you my title, I said.

es, he did tell me your identify, however he didn’t tell me your age, younger lady, he smiled mischievously, and said, 凡henever I start a practice journey I all the time discover out who my fellow-passengers are. /p>

re you a detective or something? /h2>

罚o, No! he said smiling, a Shippie. A Chief Officer in the Merchant Navy. /p>

He held out his hand, “Girish Joshi. And don call me uncle. Name me Girish – simply Girish. /h2>

We shook palms.

His grip was agency and sturdy.




Identical to he seemed.

The Mills & Boon paperback fell off.

He picked it up and put it again on his knees.

It really seemed humorous – a strong macho man like him reading a mushy Mills and Boon romance.

ou been to Pune earlier than? he asked me.

h yes, I mentioned. 凡e lived in Pune before we came to Mumbai. /p>

hen you might help me out, he said. o you understand a spot called Vaishali? It is a well-known restaurant, I feel. /p>

ou don know Vaishali? I asked surprised.

罚o, he said. t the first time I going to Pune. But she told me it was a famous place and I’d discover it simply. That what she informed me! /p>

he? /h2>

he particular person I have an appointment with. 10 o lock tomorrow morning. She promised she can be there. /p>

t Vaishali? /h2>

es, he mentioned. he informed me that the Dosa at Vaishali is even better than the one at Shompen. /p>

hompen? /h2>

t the perfect restaurant in Port Blair. That the place we met for the primary time. /p>

ort Blair! That the place you met her, is it? I asked.

This was getting very interesting.

es. Last 12 months. We have been crusing from Singapore to Mumbai and docked en-route at Port Blair for some emergency repairs. It was just a short keep of 4 days. /p>

I love to speak to someone who loves to speak.

And this was like a fairy tale.

It was getting thrilling and that i needed to ask him so many issues.

Who was she?

What was her name?

Was it love at first sight?

What occurred?

In regards to the Mills & Boon on his lap?

But earlier than I may speak, he abruptly stated, Hey! Why am I telling you all this? It speculated to be secret. /p>

t okay, I said, won tell anybody. /h2>

罚ow you inform me about your self, Priya. Why are you going to Pune? he requested.

o see my new mom, I blurted out, with out pondering.

And then like a silly fool I told him every part.

I knew I was making a mistake – however he was really easy to talk to that my words just got here tumbling out – I advised him about my mother sudden loss of life – my father sinking into depression -his drinking problem – everyone advising him to remarry – his refusal – only for my sake – and then this marriage proposal comes along and my father insists that I see my would-be stepmother first – and he will get married to her only if we two like each other.

Every little thing – I informed him every part – and it made me really feel good.

ou mean your father hasn even met her? Girish asked.

罚o. He hasn – we haven’t even seen her. Papa has solely spoken to her on the cellphone. Some family members and buddies of Papa are arranging the entire thing, I stated. apa is nervous about me. He loves me a lot. He needs me to love her first. /p>

I couldn’t speak any longer.

Tears had welled up in my eyes.

For a while there was silence.

I felt very embarrassed at having advised every thing to an entire stranger.

However strangely after telling him every little thing I felt good too.

I wiped my tears and nose with my handkerchief and said, am sorry, uncle. /p>

矾ncle? Hey come on. I not that old. Name me Girish. I instructed you, didn I? And don fear. Everything will work out, he said.

or you too, I said.

hope so, he said, am making it to this appointment with nice problem – I made it virtually by a hair breadth. I signed off my ship in Perth yesterday evening and managed to succeed in Mumbai only a few hours ago. And here I am on this practice to Pune. She advised me if I didn keep my appointment at Vaishali along with her tomorrow, she would go ahead and marry another person. /p>

o romantic, I mentioned. ust like within the film 閳ワ腹鈧?/h2>

n Affair to recollect? /p>

罚o. Some Hindi Movie – Bheegi Raat or something – I don remember the precise name, I mentioned, and then I asked him, ou should be dying to fulfill her, isn it? /p>

f course I dying to fulfill her, he mentioned, t been almost an year since we stated goodbye to one another at Port Blair. Whereas parting we promised one another that we might meet tomorrow – on the 12th of December this yr at 10 a.m. at Vaishali restaurant in Pune. /p>

凡hy the twelfth of December? /h2>

凡e met for the primary time on the twelfth of December final year. And yes, it her birthday too! Fairly a coincidence, is not it? /p>

ut you will need to have saved in contact – emailed – certainly spoken on the telephone. /h2>

罚o. She didn give me her address. I searched for her on the net, the networking websites too. No luck. She was in Port Blair on a holiday. And me? Well I e been sailing since. She mentioned if I actually liked her I’d come. /p>

He paused, picked up the Mills & Boon romance guide from his lap, and he mentioned, he solely factor she gave me was this e book. /p>

an I see it? I requested.

罚o. You are too small for Mills & Boon, he mentioned.

He kept the book in the plastic book-rack in entrance of his seat, turned to me and said, 窏ey, Priya. Why don you come to Vaishali tomorrow at 10 in the morning? We l rejoice her birthday together and have some yummy snacks. After which I l propose to her. If she agrees, we will all go to some other place to rejoice and have a hearty Lunch. /p>

ut you haven even advised me her name, I said.

ou l discover out tomorrow, he said, nd suppose she doesn come, I l be heartbroken. Then you may console me. But I certain she might be there at Vaishali waiting for me. She promised. No matter her determination, she stated she won ditch me. She l definitely be there for our rendezvous. /p>

I regarded out of the tinted-glass window.

The solar was about to set.

Outdoors it was getting darkish.

Inside it was cold.

The Deccan Queen slowed down.

It was Karjat, the station within the foothills just earlier than the mighty Sahyadri Mountains .

I turned to Girish and stated, et get down. You get yummy batata-wadas right here. /h2>

our father… /p>

lease? /h2>

kay. /p>

We strolled on the platform consuming the scrumptious batata-wadas with the lip-smacking chutney, and out of the blue Girish mentioned, nervous. I hope all the things works out effectively. /p>

e too, I stated, apa needs somebody. But he so frightened for me – I ponder whether or not I l like my new mother or not. And she too should like me. /p>

f course, she is going to such as you. You’ll like one another. I sure issues shall be high quality. The whole lot will work out for the higher, for you, and likewise for me. Why don you carry her also to Vaishali tomorrow morning along with you? And we’ll all rejoice collectively! he said.

l strive, I said.

ou must. /p>

kay. If I like her, I l convey her with me. /h2>

ut you need to come. /p>

f course I will come, I stated. ike a kabab-me-haddi. /h2>

We laughed and obtained contained in the practice.

Pushed by three banker engines the Deccan Queen started its climb up the steep Western Ghats .

窏i, Girish! an excited voice spoke from above.

I looked up.

Another younger bearded man.

However this was a boisterous type.

h, Hello Sanjiv. What are you doing here? Girish mentioned, getting up from his seat.

am going to Lonavala, the man named Sanjiv answered.

onavala? /p>

e purchased a cottage in Lonavala. A kind of farmhouse. Why don you come and see it? /h2>

罚o, No, Girish mentioned, e obtained an essential appointment in Pune. /p>

凡hen? /h2>

omorrow morning. At 10 o lock within the morning. /p>

nd where are you going to spend the night time? /h2>

don know. Possibly some resort or someplace. /p>

凡hy don you spend the evening with me in my bungalow in Lonavala? I e acquired a bottle of Single Malt and we e received so much to talk. If you’d like we can exit someplace. Come on let benefit from the evening Men’s Desgin Beautifully Dangerous Short Sleeve Tee Shirt collectively. I l drop you first thing in the morning in time in your appointment. It only an hour drive to Pune. In any case I have to go to Pune tomorrow to meet some relations. I l drop wherever you need – don say no, the man known as Sanjiv insisted.

I may sense that Girish needed to go, so I mentioned, t okay. I l handle. She is unquestionably coming to select me up. /p>

Sanjiv checked out me in a curious manner, so Girish said, his is Priya, my co-passenger. I promised her father I deliver her safely to Pune. /p>

窏i, younger lady, Sanjiv said, irish and that i are batchmates and shipmates. We e meeting after a long time. /p>

I knew that both of them had been dying to speak to one another and have a very good time, so I said to Girish, ou get down at Lonavala. I promise I l look after myself. I e got my cell with me and I e acquired her number additionally. I l ring up my Papa the moment I attain Pune. /p>

I insisted that I would be okay, and egged on by Sanjiv, a hesitant Girish got down at Lonavala – but not earlier than we exchanged each other cell numbers and he requested the lady across the aisle to look after me.

It was solely after the prepare left Lonavala on its remaining leg to Pune that I observed that Girish had forgotten to take his コills and Boon romance paperback.

I took out the e-book from the rack and opened it.

On the primary web page was written in beautiful cursive handwriting:

To My Pricey Girish,

In remembrance of the lovely time we had together in Port Blair.


PS – Remember, there is a skinny line between pity and love.

As I appeared on the message something began occurring within me.


Identical Shenal?

It couldn be?

Or might or not it’s?


A loving person.

That what the identify Snehal means.

Perhaps it was only a coincidence. Is Snehal a standard name? Possibly.

It doable.

Perhaps there are numerous nehals in Pune.

The Deccan Queen is rushing in direction of Pune.

There will likely be a Snehal waiting for me at Pune Railway Station.

A Snehal I am going to satisfy for the first time.

The Snehal who my father desires to be my new mom.

And are you aware, what is the very first thing I am going to ask Snehal the moment I meet her?

I am going to ask her which is the perfect restaurant in Port Blair.

And whatever her reply, I am going to take her to Vaishali restaurant on Fergusson Faculty Street at 10 o lock tomorrow morning.

And I’m dying to see the expression on Snehal face, and Girish face too, when they see one another at the rendezvous.

I can’t return the Mills & Boon romance book to Girish.

I’ll keep it for myself.

I want to read it on my journey again from Pune to Mumbai by the Deccan Queen.

After which I will inform my Papa the whole lot about the delightful journey on the Deccan Queen.

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