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By now you need to have been pulling a Castaway number to have not heard of Operation Chaos. For these aspiring Robinson Crusoe among you, Op. Chaos is an excellent creation of Rush Limbaugh. What he has finished is to offer all these Conservatives who have missed out on voting towards John McCain a brand new voting life by the use of switching parties and becoming hadow Democrats for the remaining DNC primaries.

Oddly enough, Rush is pushing all of those newly switched Shadow-Dems to vote for Hillary. Now isn that a kick within the pantsuits. With sufficient newly acquired ympathetic supporters that have come dashing to her from the Republican aspect, she is quickly closing the hole with her opponent, B. Hussein Obama, AKA, Mr. Actual Change.

The results of this mass change of parties has caused all the Liberals in the approaching state elections to literally seethe in rage at Rush. Oh if only they hadn of fought so laborious to do away with firing squads. As traditional, Liberalism bites itself on its hemispherical butt.

What is believed is that this distinctive voting tactic will lengthen the race for the DNC Honcho-ship whereas at the same time forcing the Mainstream Media to expose all the hidden spooks and skeletons in each candidate closets. Better still, Op. Chaos has delivered to the forefront the true energy behind all DNC elections; which is an elusive covert branch referred to as, he Super Delegates These Supreme Liberal Beings are the only Democrats whose votes will ever actually decide who wins the DNC ticket in all future Presidential elections.

Yes, regardless of the age outdated, very vote should count credo shrieked in wholesale style by the Democrats and their mainstream media cohorts; solely the Elite Super Delegates have countable votes. Thus, anyone who’s dumb enough to vote for their favorite Democrat in a Presidential major is closer to getting a free go into Wally World than to have a real voice in who will be the DNC Presidential candidate.

Hey perhaps that additionally explains why .T. Barnum Gore World Warming motion has gotten so popular? Because the Democrat Elite know, there’s a sucker born every single day. Which is why Rush subsequent phase of OP. Chaos appears to be like viable.

he Doomsday Option section of Op. Chaos requires the Tremendous Delegate Elitists to fully ignore the extremely touted HC and BO candidates and as an alternative elect their own alternative for the DNC. Al Gore would be a viable selection besides he won debate any Republican about Global Warming. Properly, anyone except possibly comrade John McCain (see L.I.A.R.) who has fully fallen for this global worm rip-off.

There is also a very good likelihood he might be the Super Delegates favourite choice. Higher nonetheless, if McCain became the DNC candidate that might imply we may even have a Republican do-over election! That would light an M-80 under Old Yeller Reid and Pork Salad Pelosi.

That brings us to what I name the third part of Operation Chaos; the 罚inja Option For years now we have borne witness to elections being undermined and determined by the Mainstream Tv and print media. The first instruments for their cause have all the time been bias, distortion and the promulgation of socialistic doctrine. This may only be anticipated from those who’re elitist and but inherently absent of frequent sense or ethical values (see Invoice Clinton).

Since the arrival of cable information and the internet, all of their collusions with the DNC have slowly been tanking resulting from their shallow facade of objectivity long with their failing popularity. About the only weapon of value left inside their Liberal arsenal is polling nd boy can they use the polls.

For the previous thirty years the Democrat Party has basked in optimistic polling from their media cohorts like pigs wallowing in slop. They e just as joyful as they are often because they know that the majority Individuals want to be followers slightly than pattern setters. That why Neil Boortz calls them, umb-Masses Thus if a poll just happens to assert that the majority of People want one thing like eal changes then the masses will follow in lockstep glee.

So so as to take away the Liberal Media last offensive weapon, Rush must institute the final phase of Operation Chaos, the 罚inja Option What it will do is to virtually strip away polling from having any effect on the end result of all future elections and insure that the MSM can’t alter the true, ill of the people

Women's Cotton MOON CRYSTAL Short Sleeve T-ShirtThat’s as a result of the Ninja Possibility creates and guarantees an ongoing provide of registered Democrat majorities across the USA. So many actually, that the DNC won’t have a clue as to determining the place to defend against or attack Republican candidates earlier than basic elections. Think about them wringing their evil little talons at trying to figure out the place to spend money when they’ve the celebration voter majorities in nearly each place nd you thought you heard Howard Dean screeching before.

The Ninja possibility of OP. Chaos requires that all participating Republicans who’re Rush Infants (Conservatives) change events to join the DNC till the end of this 2008 election year. Yes, which means though your state has already blown its wad on electing L.I.A.R. McCain, you may still get your shot at trying to win again Congress and the Senate to a Republican majority nd accomplish that by becoming a 罚inja Republican beneath the Ninja Choice!

Don worry; you will not be a Democrat for too long. You can switch again to the appropriate after the general Elections. You won be there long enough to be seduced by the darkish aspect of the Farce. No, simply put in your Ninja fits, be a part of the DNC and poll as a Democrat but vote Republican. That method the DNC and MSM will likely be completely befuddled at the place to assault Republican candidates. After the elections swap back to being a Republican and vote in your respective state Republican Primaries.

The great thing about this arty-Hopping via Operation Chaos and the Ninja Choice is that you l drive the DNC hierarchy completely bug-frigging nuts trying to figure out the place they should work their MSM cohorts and spend their uncontrollable onor cash. Certain, they can make their claims that a big majority of Individuals are Democrats, but that won mean flip when they begin dropping elections due to cross voting Ninja Republicans who are annually infiltrating their celebration after every state main.

The cool thing about Operation Chaos and the Ninja Possibility is that this can be achieved each election year to counter the DNC money machines and the Mainstream Media bias and polling. Even though John McCain would be the primary Republican to learn from the Ninja Republicans, maybe we will get him to sign some form of Conservative Presidential Pre-nuptial settlement? That about the only method I ever vote for him.

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