How Shoplifters Generate profits

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sendingAndrews mothers a nig ger three years ago

Your all black, you steal for crack

big mike i thank 3 years in the past

i love to shoper lifter and it makes me good crack

Sammie 4 years ago

that is… stupid.

sadbutrue four years in the past

I was as soon as a one who seemed down on individuals who did all these issues, however God does forgive you, for All your Sins. Folks do not understand not everybody shoplifts to earn money, they do it to feed their youngsters when the State fails you, or to clothe their family etc. It becomes an addiction, I realized I had an issue and bought help. I do know that God will forgive me simply as he will people who choose the folks that do it. As one that has stolen in the past I do not need to answer to anybody only one particular person, just as you do

Emily Cruz 5 years in the past

lol, with all this non since. shopplifting is a sin and God will ignore u and u can pay for the implications effortunatley if u get caught or even when u do not. WOW, I gotta say im 20yrs old, young and in love, but the very one time my hubby left my ass i alternative to be with a guy who we known as ourselfs Bonnie n Clyde lol. man was it enjoyable, we nvr had cash however we at all times made cash, i ignores my mom , my household for all of the wrong causes bcuz i was addicted, i was spoiled. to b sincere we use the money to party and for gas, it took me to Houston to Dallas and again to el Valle. i learned n expierenced that i did that cuz i was bored, in the direction of the top it value me, i acquired raped by that man and i realized my lesson, nvr to steel, or do medication, now im home all day everyday with my mommy who had been tryna tell me, and im single ready for my like to let me walk back into his life, i’ll wait and wait, till i stop waiting i will transfer on.

GG gangstagoon 5 years in the past

keep thinqz poppin i b steelin lyk 3 tymes per week u kno doe if im hugry i get dat sweet from dat retailer

CommonThief 5 years ago

Get sensormatic destacher hooks at – easi;ly take away clothing safety tags!

Inventive Jane 6 years in the past

One question – how do I sell stolen goods at flea markets with out getting caught?

bnb 6 years in the past

Us pot-heads gotta hav money for our ganja….. can I get an amen?

kelly stuart adams 6 years ago

I spose cause we ave at all times executed it , we do not see nowt mistaken with it ! Almost all the group of mates ave at all times he loves each one in all us greater than we’re able to knowing. Humorous how even the people who don’t consider in him have such strong opinions about him eh. Why converse out in opposition to his identify? And im not some rich boy goody goody both mane. I seen what the hood can do to ppl. FUCK all you racist faggots n ppl who can sit there and choose when u know u do not know what the fuck your talkn about.

Pepe-head 7 years ago

Penis-penis penis

q80 7 years in the past

never had a problem with money/placing meals on desk and so on. just steal for the enjoyable of it.

Unmoderated Comments LOL 7 years in the past

I Wanted it man. I used to be gonna STARVE AND FREEZE AND DIE. I’ve SIX CHILDRENS with DISEASES NAMED AFTER Famous People and that i Had to steal those world of warcraft recreation time playing cards and ludacris CDs and Promote THEM ON EBAY or I might have ASPLODED!

Please. If you are really so exhausting up that you are going to starve or freeze, steal a coat or some food. Nugatory thieves.

Boingo 7 years ago

I’m 19 years old, I’ve been homeless, jobless, starving, cold and had no one round to assist; so ya, sometimes people need to take what they want to survive. And for all u ignorant, racist fucks on here spewing all that bullshit out your ugly little mouths, I am white as all hell… Does that change your opinion about your own race now u pieces of shit?

atyougodnerds 7 years in the past

Cease believing on this shit

SBAWalgreens 7 years in the past

the economy is hard right now. i understand. but those who do it to purchase their addiction are unsuitable. all in all. honestly who are we to guage? also its easy, i see it on daily basis. i work retail. cops suck. my husband is one and damn it makes me mad. they do not care so i do not. i wont risk my life for eight$ an hr. don’t do drugssss. 🙂 thanks. ive stolen before. i cant sit right here and act goody two sneakers. oh properly i made a mistake and now life is better. i hope everyones life improves.

FML for actual 7 years ago

i am guilty of lifting many occasions. why? as a result of i was homeless attributable to a landlord that felt the need not to let his tenets know that the bank foreclosed on the constructing. i needed to do what i did…if it wasn’t for lifting video games and dvd’s from walmart i would not have this roof over my head and i’d nonetheless be residing on the streets with my little one. oh get a job? i’ve been looking for over a yr. it is hard to find a job when you live in one of the worst states in the case of a job market. only “god” will decide me…and i’m sure he’ll understand that i did what i needed to do to survive.

you dont know 7 years in the past


No matter 7 years in the past

OMFG. All you individuals who think shoplifting is against the law up in your high horses like we care on your opinion are in all probability writin this shi t from your fancy computers in your good suburban houses together with your 2.Eight kids and many others. Simply cause you’ve never had to miss a meal in your entire life to keep up with rent, do not choose us till you’ve been in our conditions, assholes.

Larry Decide Pocket 7 years ago

stealing just isn’t a sin if it’s important to do it to outlive…

huge firms rob each one blind each day, tesco for instance pay milk farmers about 17p for every ltr of milk they purchase from them, it prices 28p on common to make a ltr of milk so its day gentle robbery and plenty go out of enterprise yearly from this..


massive companies expect to lose about 25% of their profits every year from misplaced or stolen goods, due to this they add 25% to every little thing they promote to account for this loss..regardless in the event that they only lose 1% of their stock, due to this fact they are stealing money from the public with unfair prices to line their pockets with even more BILLIONS of  every year

i might by no means steal from a small native business however would don’t have any drawback skipping into my native tesco or asda and making what i can out of them, they don’t care about you and so they make BILLIONS every year in profits

btw im from the UK

donmajek 7 years ago

i’ve been looking for jobs for the past 1yr all to no good resort,im hungry, payments cant get paid.if i steal do i committ a sin.

chevyfan 7 years in the past

I make over $18,000 a year, thank you Walmart, Goal, Kmart, and Macys!


ScumBag eight years ago

Try out this internet site for Shoplifting Tips.

defamous 8 years in the past

i shoplift on a regular basis.Solely dumb folks get caught.My retailer j.c penny for cloths.I am a pro.

George Cloomey eight years ago

There isn’t any god. The Bible is fiction. Get real.

Theft King 8 years ago

120K is fairly good, but I’ve seen on ebay individuals promote stolen shit and could make like 30K a month. However I’ve definitely seen your system in full effect, hell I am not judging you that’s how some folks get their payments paid. Not everybody can do the 9 to 5 job or work the multiple jobs to keep meals on the table, some folks have to resort to this, and that i salute them for it as a result of they go out there and they threat it all, their freedom and future, to get the cash that they need to get by in life. Those who say exit and get a real job can shut the fuck up, typically it’s not that straightforward and theft is likely one of the few issues somebody can resort to.

Michaels eight years in the past

im 17 and i really like michaels!! if i wanted to steal from there it would not be because i wanted baggies. michaels has manner cooler stuff than that

been there done that eight years ago

My favorite thing is when the sixteen or 17 year outdated city youngsters come into michaels arts and craft retailer and shoplift the little baggies for drugs, as if simply being there purchasing for yarn isn’t suspicious enough. we really do not care about the product. we are reembursed by the police department, they put in a digicam head at the top of the aisle and it helps them get a grip on who the gamers are in the washington DC metro space. there have been eleven meth/pot busts in 18 months and these dumb asses nonetheless cant figure it out.

shopliftersruinmylife eight years in the past

i cant sleep tonight as a result of i keep replaying all the shoplifting incidents in in the future at work at present. mainly blacks. some black individuals work with white trash folks in a scheme to distract the associates. i’m so racist merely from working in retail. by no means had a purpose to hate black people. but they make me so nervous its ruining my life. get a job u nugatory race. shoplifting is cruel. blacks have to be shot.

The Man eight years ago

God isn’t real…he was made up back in older occasions so folks would behave and stay obedient to their leaders…and God additionally explained a bunch of anomalies of existence that folks back then couldn’t determine on their very own. However now that humanity has turn into smarter and unthreaded extra of the mysteries of our world, there actually isn’t really reason to imagine in God anymore. In addition to the actual fact he makes some individuals feel extra comfortable and less frightened of death. But there are so many issues humans have found in the past 500 that just proves God is nothing however a delusion.

Moderator eight years in the past

Sup racist bastards! Hey there homophobe!

Luke Fondleberg 8 years ago

This thread is so filled with trolls. D:

Also, Protip: One of the best place to lift for revenue is Hottopic. Goths pays reduculus costs for his or her metallic-studded jeans and Invader Zim T-shirts.

kkkCrazyDragon 8 years in the past

Fuck all da niggers , imma go beat my wife up for what u gay’s are saying. Shut da f u c okay up u stupid cocksuc kers. Go america

village chillah eight years ago

did this text about how shoplifters make cash critically flip into an argument about if god exists or not?? c’mon now y’all. that is about shopliftin’. get yo head in the motha’ fucking game nigga! shoplifting is fun, nevertheless it still is risky. the best locations to shoplift are yard sales, gnome sayin!!

Village chillah Signify!!

missy eight years ago

God is lifeless

andrews mother, fu ck you eight years ago

you stupid christian fu ck. god is not real and if he was he would not want a racist basterd like you into heaven. individuals like you have to be kicked in the pinnacle. significantly, go die. stealing is often a final resort to people who haven’t got the cash, theres nothing improper with that, they arent even hurting anybody (unless they are stealing from small shops, large stores like Wal-Mart could not care much less they are making nuff revenue as it is off fu cks like you)

Hamburglar eight years in the past

Foolish American Christians. I do not see why individuals shoplift at shit stores. I solely lift from designer shops, 1000’s of dollars in one hit. [:

Karl Dauenheimer eight years in the past

Yeah these shoplifters do make cash. I saw some guy at a Starbucks in Burlington Vermont stuffing like 5 packets of 15 greenback coffe into his jacket!

chis mission eight years in the past

god is not actual

Fu ck you andrews mom 9 years in the past

your formally the worst person i’ve read about on the web today. Your last comment was racist and uncalled for. I hope you die a terrible loss of life in the very neer future.

and if its a question to anyone, i’m truly a white man. I just hate ignorance.

that lady 9 years in the past

its ok them god fearin christians assume that folks steal for their drug addictions, no worries i know where your coming from andrew. evryone will hit a tough time on occasion and truthfully religion in an unseen god is not going to help them. allow them to imagine what they want and suppose that they are so significantly better however sick let you know this most of them are hippocrites!

Andrews Mother 9 years ago

that’s why u fail at life, andrew. That is no excuse. don’t buy presents, do not eat out on a regular basis, eat ninety nine cent store meals like me, and stop racking up payments get some debt administration help. that is why our individuals are stuck. think about god as a substitute of the money, if we did our hoods would be safer. silly nig gers.

Andrew 9 years ago

Drugs? Ha. In contrast to you, a few of us have needed to steal to pay bills, get our younger siblings a birthday current, or just to eat, because our shit 9-5 doesn’t cowl those issues. Get up. Not everyone does bad things for drugs you arrogant prick.

Tony 9 years ago

These people do not care about god. It’s simply work. They simply spend it on medicine anyway what does it matter.

cgull8m 9 years ago from North Carolina

That is superb how they earn cash, but I will let you know this cash won’t last long. After demise, they have to reply the God, if they are saying they stole their approach in life, it will be a shame to narrate that to God and even the cherished ones they will meet after.

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